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First in the world!

Tidymaker is the first hanger in the world which can hold almost everything independent of shape!

 Tidymaker is used not only in garden sheds and garages but also in boats, mobile homes, schools, workshops, service vans, building sheds, boiler rooms etc.

No matter if it´s about securing garden tools, water hoses, cables, (machine) tools, parasols, ladders, bikes or dingy-rigs. Tidymaker handles it.

Tidymaker has as many uses as you have imagination for.

Tidymaker makes it tidy and keeps it tidy

Smart hanging by Tidymaker

Tidymaker can do not only what others can do but also what others cannot do!

Tidymaker is of Swedish design, patented and a product of high quality with 2 years guarantee. Patent SE C2520135. Patents pending.