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Crazy Daisy


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User instructions

Crazy Daisy - Probably the Funniest Water Sprinkler in the World !!

New Crazy Daisy with 2 Leaves !!

User Instructions

  1. Attach each leaf carefully into the holes of Crazy Daisy’s stalk. Do not pull the leaves out again.
  2. Run water to clear the hose and soften the ground if needed.
    Connect the garden hose as shown.
  3. Push Crazy Daisy into the ground with your foot until bottom of foot step and hose are touching the ground. If required make a hole in the ground first. Turn on water tap slowly and adjust pressure to suit your watering needs or child.
  4. Wet and wild water sprinkler with a mind of its own. Crazy Daisy has a wild flip-flop action that evenly sprays water in all directions, up to 6 metres! At cold water or cold weather Crazy Daisy might get stiff and stop moving.


  1. Do not locate Crazy Daisy near electrical outlets, hard surfaces or obstructions that may interfere with product’s play action.
  2. Relocate Crazy Daisy when ground becomes too wet.
  3. Do not leave Crazy Daisy in direct sun light for long periods of time.
  4. Clean ground anchor when needed. Store in proper location.
  5. Do not leave Crazy Daisy outdoors in winter or at low temperatures.
  6. Ground anchor might break if misused or if impacts a hard surface.
  7. Use Crazy Daisy under adult supervision.
  8. Keep ground anchor safely away from child.

Crazy Daisy is marketed and sold by:

Conectus HB
Vereliusvägen 6
SE-168 53 Bromma, Sweden
tel: +46 70 340 1911
e-mail: madeleine.de.geer@gmail.com
web: www.conectus.se