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Crazy Daisy


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Crazy Daisy Probably the Funniest Water Sprinkler in the World !!

Why buy Crazy Daisy NOW ?!

  • You will get your garden watered.
  • Crazy Daisy is super fun coolness and play for both children and adults (!)
  • It is a very fun gift, guaranteed to make up to the name.
  • The price is great and also manufactured in Poland and of high quality.
  • The flip-flop function allows the water to be sprayed evenly up to 6 m.
  • New Crazy Daisy has two nice leaves on the stalk.
  • It comes in several bright colours.
  • And YOU, Crazy Daisy could run out in no time !!

Why bring Crazy Daisy into your product range ?!
Because Crazy Daisy:

  • Combines business with pleasure in the customer's garden.
  • Is a very fun gift article of high quality.
  • Can be purchased at a very favourable price.
  • Is relaunched with two leaves and new packaging & design.
  • Does "come-back" after several years break.
  • Probably is the funniest water sprinkler in the world.
  • Has a variety of selling exposure possibilities.
  • Attracts customers into your shop.