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Crazy Daisy


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Press clippings

Press clippings and comments

Press clippings and comments from a “Nordic Gardens” exhibition
in Stockholm:

  • "The hottest and funniest thing of the exhibition!"
  • "The garden product of the summer!"
  • "By judging of the exhibition commerce, our gardens will be filled
    with Christmas roses, black flowering geraniums, triangular plastic buckets
    and the Crazy water sprinkler Daisy this summer."
  • "Joy sprinkler in the garden - The dancing sunflower Crazy Daisy spreads
    a lot of joy and water."
  • "This Flower I have to buy to my grand children.”
  • "I want one to tease the neighbour with and it shall be of the most dreadful colour!"
  • "Oh, how happy I get by watching the Flower!"
  • "So the flower both waters a big area and is terrifically funny to run around
    and cool off in, how clever!"
  • "This funny Flower I would like to start selling myself, is that possible?!"
  • "I was going to give away the flower to my friend Bengt as a 50th birthday present
    and it shall be orange!"
  • "The Flower should be perfectly suited for watering our garden plot"
  • "This Flower should become the all time bird and roe deer scarecrow!"