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Customer Benefits

Now it’s available! CTwix/EasySack - the unique system for rubbish sack handling!

1. With the sack holder EasySack you can rake or sweep directly into the sack

2. The ring shapes itself to the contours of the ground

3. EasySack offers an optimal price/performance relationship

4. EasySack is an innovative product

5. EasySack is light-weight

6. EasySack is easy to move

7. The sack holder enables ergonomic and effective handling

8. EasySack can be used all year round

9. EasySack can be used both in- and outdoors

10. EasySack can be fixed at a stable position ensuring that it will not blow away

11. The product has numerous application possibilities

12. Several accessories are available

13. EasySack is the optimal product for various target groups

14. EasySack was developed in Sweden

15. EasySack has been tested extensively

16. EasySack is of high quality

17. EasySack has a 2-year warranty

18. EasySack is patented

19. EasySack is suitable for standard plastic sacks

20. The sack is easily and quickly attached to the sack holder

21. After use, the EasySack and its accessories are quickly put aside

22. The EasySack, even with extra accessories, is very space-saving